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Business Resiliency

MEE’s business resiliency allows us to continue our long history of superior service and deliverables. MEE continues to innovate, despite economic downturns and reduced funding for health disparity work. We are committed to creating new and innovative solutions to positively impact the challenging problems that plague urban and other underserved communities of color.


Letter from the President

"Still Innovating"

MEE specializes in engaging the hardest-to-reach — those facing the highest social, educational and health disparities. Our work is with the most overlooked and underserved residents in a community. We educate and empower them so that they can be active players in developing solutions to the issues that are negatively impacting their families and futures. Based on more than two decades of grassroots behavior-change work in poverty-impacted communities, we understand the many barriers (including lack of access, super-stressed lives and challenges “navigating the system”) that make it difficult for under-resourced residents to actualize their dreams and visions.

Providing social marketing services for over 25 years in communities with the highest disparities requires dedication, a clear vision, steadiness through volatile economic periods and a willingness to adapt with the times. Yet, even after more than two decades, MEE continues to innovate.

The realities of the business world have changed since MEE was formed in 1990. Public sector funding to fight health disparities has been reduced, slashed, and even eliminated in some communities. Poor and underserved populations are left to flounder and struggle, as they are less of a priority to some government officials. At the same time, gaps in academic achievement, incidence of chronic disease and lack of real employment opportunities in the workplace continue to widen.

In this environment, you must work smarter and leverage the lessons learned. There will always be evolution in the communications environment, whether it’s the rise of social media or how we access the Internet on mobile devices (vs. computers). How you respond to change is often what determines failure or success.

While the social determinants that leave oppressed people at a disadvantage will not change overnight, we have to be willing to find a way to “stay in the game” for the long haul. MEE brings together all the key players—from the bottom-up and the top-down—with a common focus on success for individuals, families and ultimately, the community. We have earned our expertise in using community-and individual-level strategies that deliver authentic, credible and most importantly, shareable messages that resonate with target audiences.

We appreciate the clients, business partners and others who have continued to believe in and support us in our efforts to positively reach and influence those communities who are most at-risk for being left behind. We will continue to adapt and confront new challenges that arise so that our future of fulfilling our core mission can be just as bright as our past.

Feel free to share our journey by learning more about our vision and how we make it happen every day.

Ivan J. Juzang, Founder/President

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