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MEE is particularly committed to engaging and mobilizing communities in order to increase awareness and positively impact health outcomes related to increased physical activity and improved nutrition. We first became closely involved with this issue when, while working with a consumer goods company in the mid-1990s, we became alarmed at what we found were the extremely poor diets of too many low-income youth of color. Since then, MEE has conducted a number of obesity-related research projects with both adults and youth on nutrition and physical activity issues and programs. We have also contributed to a comprehensive physical activity and nutrition curricula for youth; produced a mini-documentary on the billions of dollars spent each year marketing junk food to young people; and conducted a nationwide evaluation of community-based physical activity programs for the CDC. In addition, we have shared what we have learned by presenting at numerous obesity-related conferences and offering a series of workshops on culturally-relevant strategies to effectively tackle this epidemic.

Below are sketches of projects that inform MEE's expertise in obesity prevention in underserved communities.


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