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Findings of a successful 411 Safe Text Messaging program to prevent HIV.

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Contemporary Clinical Trials (2010)
Recruitment, Enrollment and Retention of Young Black Men for HIV Prevention Research: Experiences from The 411 for Safe Text Project

Thierry Fortune, Erin Wright, Ivan Juzang, Sheana Bull

Objective: There is abundant evidence of the HIV crisis in the Black community, yet African Americans—and African American men in particular—are consistently underrepresented in research on HIV prevention.

The purpose of journal article published by Contemporary Clinical Trials (March 2010) was to describe the methods used to recruit and retain young Black men in Philadelphia for an HIV prevention intervention.

Methods: A partnership between community members, MEE Productions Inc., and academic researchers of the Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH) in Denver was formed. Recognizing the core principles of community-based participatory research (CBPR), face-to-face recruitment was first conducted by MEE with the assistance of their community partners; subsequent enrollment and data collection were conducted via telephone by staff at CSPH.

Results: We enrolled 58% of the young Black men recruited, retained 77% of the young men for a follow-up survey at three months, and 65% of the initial enrollees were retained for the six-month follow-up survey. CSPH enrollment staff reported initial challenges due to the time lapse between recruitment and enrollment as well as participants’ unfamiliarity with the enrollment staff. Subsequently, MEE recruitment staff emphasized the telephone area code that they would receive follow-up phone calls from and the specific names of Colorado enrollment staff who would call.

Conclusion: Our results demonstrate the importance of the community-academic partnership formed and adherence to the principles of CBPR in carrying out this work. Despite challenges in recruitment of racially and ethnically diverse participants for research, we successfully recruited, enrolled and retained young Black men in an HIV prevention program.

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