Peer-Reviewed Journal Pub. (HPV Education Campaign) – Thomas Jefferson University and Emory University
Findings of a study using Black beauty salons to provide HPV education to young adult Black women and mothers.

Project Components

Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice (2015)

Subject: MS #1285 – Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice
Amy Leader, Pamela Weddington, Ralph DiClemente, Gina Wingood, and Ivan Juzang

MEE President, Ivan Juzang and MEE VP of Communications, Pamela Weddington were part of a research team that included Dr. Gina Wingood [LinkedIn] and Dr. Ralph DiClemente [LinkedIn] from Emory University and Dr. Amy Leader [LinkedIn] from Thomas Jefferson University.

The goal of the study was to implement a highly tailored, culturally relevant health education program for African American women about cervical cancer prevention in neighborhood hair salons. We achieved this goal while learning immense amounts about the most effective process of delivering such an intervention. We know now that the best way to use salons as a venue to reach their customers is to educate women while they are at the salon, not to recruit and then educate them as a two-step process. We know that women learned from the brief intervention, and continued the dialogue with their family and friends after our time with them had long ended. We know that knowledge and attitudes towards HPV vaccination were positively and significantly changed, and that in the future, lives may be saved because of it. We know that the stylists responded favorably to being a part of the study, and are eager for us to continue to provide health education for their customers.

The team submitted a manuscript entitled, “Promoting HPV Vaccination Through African American Beauty Salons: A Pilot Test of a Culturally Competent Education and Empowerment Strategy” to the Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice. After a comprehensive review, the manuscript was found to have a strong research foundation with findings and insights that added to the discourse addressing health disparities and practice. As a result that manuscript was accepted for publication and appeared in late 2014/early 2015 issue of the Journal.

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