Peer-Reviewed Journal Pub. (Project iMPPACS) – University of Pennsylvania, Emory University, Brown University, Syracuse University, University of South Carolina

Findings of a study to evaluate the effectiveness of a STI/HIV prevention media campaign targeting Black teenagers.
The American Journal of Public Health (2013)

Safer Sex Media Messages and Adolescent Sexual Behavior: 3-Year Follow-Up Results From Project iMPPACS
Michael Hennessy, Daniel Romer, Robert F. Valois, Peter Vanable, Michael P. Carey, Bonita Stanton, Larry Brown, Ralph DiClemente, Laura F. Salazar, Ivan Juzang and Thierry Fortune

MEE was also part of the esteemed research team that published findings from Project iMPPACS. The resulting journal article, published in the American Journal of Public Health, illustrated the effectiveness of using mass media to support normative change with results from an ongoing HIV-prevention trial implemented in two medium-sized U.S. cities. MEE was also cited in The Journal of Health Communications for a related article, “Using culture-centered qualitative formative research to design broadcast messages for HIV prevention for African American adolescents.”

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