Promoting Abstinence to Youth – Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
Researched and produced culturally relevant music CDs to promote abstinence and healthy relationships.
In 2005, MEE was hired by Dr. Kimberly West at the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles to produce a culturally-relevant abstinence audio CD, entitled “Reality Check,” that was created by and for local youth. Topics addressed included teen relationships, sexuality and the choice to remain abstinent until marriage.  After establishing a comprehensive research methodology, MEE conducted eight focus groups with African American and Latino youth ages 14-18.  This provided youth input on sexual trends and perspectives on abstinence and other forms of protection against sexually transmitted diseases.  Findings from the focus groups were used by the MEE Creative Team to develop youth-friendly vignettes for the audio CD.  Fifteen Los Angeles-based youth were recruited from Drew University’s Community Free Teens Program for the final production of the CD, which contains more than 20 tracks of skits, poetry/spoken word, monologues, vignettes and urban music.

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