Smoke-Free Three (Tobacco Prevention) PSAs – University of Vermont
Developed and produced radio and TV PSAs to prevent adolescent smoking for the University of Vermont’s smoking prevention research program.

Project Components

2000 – 2005

Between 2000 and 2005, MEE worked with Dr. John K. Worden (currently professor emeritus) at the University of Vermont’s Office of Health Promotion Research (OHPR) on their research project called “Mass Media Interventions to Reduce Youth Smoking,” funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

During the initial stage, MEE conducted focus group research with tweens (10-13 years old) and teens (14-17 years old) on their leisure time interests, wishes and aspirations, and perceptions about the process of quitting cigarette smoking.  MEE also conducted focus groups, testing media concepts.  From 2002–2005, the second phase of the project, MEE worked with the OHPR to create media concepts for youth and then, annually, producing OHPR-selected radio and television spots.  These ads were aired in the New England area for OHPR’s research study.

In 2004, MEE’s “Smoke-Free Three” TV PSA script was selected and funded for production. The resulting 30-second spot aired on television stations in the New England area during the last year of the campaign study.

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