Trauma-Informed Health Communications Training for Community Leaders — Johns Hopkins University

Developed and delivered a three-part course to members of a leadership program in Baltimore

Project Components

MEE was hired by the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute to develop and deliver a three-session communications training for members of its Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Program (BNLP). Led by MEE President Ivan Juzang, the training provided participants with skills to develop trauma-informed and culturally-relevant communications messages that will resonate with communities of color, particularly urban African-American communities, and encourage sustainable lifestyle changes.

Session #1 improved participants’ cultural competency and ability to communicate with low-income communities of color, by learning how to provide them with life-saving health information in a way that is effective and culturally-relevant.

Session #2 provided participants with a deeper understanding of the importance of community mobilization and how community-based organizations, non-profits and community opinion leaders can be an effective public health communications channel that competes with traditional media.

Session #3 explored MEE’s “by-and-for” philosophy for developing public health communications and provided participants with an overview of MEE’s audience research approach, which incorporates data-gathering and communications research as the foundation for every major behavioral health intervention.

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