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|| Coca-Cola USA

One of MEE’s first private sector clients was Coca-Cola’s Sprite brand and their visionary Brand Manager, Darryl Cobbin.  MEE was hired to conduct audience research that would inform Sprite’s Brand Vision Statement and establish it as a dominant brand that was the drink of urban youth.  Our work over the duration of the project, MEE conducted both qualitative and quantitative audience research in order to:



·       Inform Sprite’s iconographic and slogan development


·       Test the effectiveness of Sprite’s radio and television advertising


·       Elevate Sprite’s retail presence during the holiday season


·       Get an insider's view of the attitudes, issues, perceptions, trends and concerns of urban youth and the Hip-Hop community


·       Uncover the "up and coming" entertainers and “what’s hot” in Hip-Hop culture



MEE is proud of our work with Darryl Cobbin and his team as they led Sprite to become the fastest growing soft drink brand in the U.S. for two consecutive.

1995 |  Sprite: Rap Sheet Focus Groups

1996 | Sprite: Iconography

1997 | Sprite: Rap Sheet Focus Groups, Coke vs. Pepsi Focus Groups, South African Focus Groups

1998 | Coke: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Focus Groups, Coke: AACM (Youth; HCM) with Rush Media


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