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|| Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential (GCAPP)

MEE first partnered with Jane Fonda’s Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential (GCAPP) to plan and launch a grassroots Community Education Campaign to improve nutrition and prevent obesity among at-risk ‘tweens and their families in Atlanta.  MEE implemented the Eat Better, Do Better Campaign for GCAPP using a mix of traditional and non-traditional media channels, including a series of radio ads, transit placement, and print materials, including a poster, a flyer (with a user-friendly shopping list) and a postcard.   The objectives of the campaign were to: 1) effectively introduce, brand and increase awareness of GCAPP as a key player in the obesity-prevention arena; 2) educate parents about do-able steps they can take to improve nutrition in their home; and 3) help parents and other caregivers to empower their pre-teens to make informed choices about their eating habits and nutrition.


In a second major project, MEE was hired to help GCAPP promote its Second Chance Homes Network. These communal-living sites provide housing and a wide range of supports to pregnant and parenting young mothers (ages 14-20) who need a safe place to stay. MEE developed and implemented a digital-driven campaign targeting Georgia social services professionals who make placements of former foster youth and others living in at-risk environments. For the campaign, MEE created campaign iconography (including a logo and slogan) and call-to-action; several print materials, custom Web landing pages, a series of virtual tour and interview videos; social media content and advertising; along with a series of html e-mails that social workers can share within their peer network.


MEE also used its proven, evidence-based community-engagement models to help the GCAPP promote gPower, its free mobile phone app, in Augusta, GA.  The app is designed to give teens a convenient source of information on sexual health, including locations for free or low-cost clinic services. The community-engagement work supported Richmond County’s “We Are Change” Initiative.


MEE’s CATs (Community Action Team) Model leveraged a corps of MEE-trained youth to engage their peers and share the word about how the app can be used to explore options for birth control and STD prevention, and to anonymously rate their experiences at local clinics.  CATs members also leveraged their social media networks to promote gPower, along with conducting MEE’s traditional community outreach in high-traffic areas frequented by youth.


In addition to the on-the-ground, peer-to-peer outreach, MEE leveraged digital and social media platforms to support the outreach.  Digital ads, targeted by zip code, were produced “by and for” Augusta youth and placed locally on the music-streaming service Pandora.  In addition, CATs members used their personal social networks to promote the gPower app, using the campaign hashtag #WeAreChange and #gPowerNow.


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