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MEE was hired by GE Healthymagination to lead the "In Community, For Community" efforts of the All Faces Campaign, which focuses on improving women’s health outcomes in communities of color. The first two health issues MEE assisted with were breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease, which are devastating the African American community in ways that many do not recognize. MEE’s goal was to raise awareness and spur action on these issues.


MEE developed a Community Activation Plan and managed a 12-month, community engagement and activation campaign that reflected a diversity of women, particularly African Americans and Latinas.  Strategies includes a series of workshops and a Community Activation Toolkit to support All Faces partners in their community engagement work. MEE shared real-world, grassroots communication strategies that could easily be customized to fit/meet the needs of these various partners. MEE was able to send All Faces partners back into their organizations with new knowledge and a fresh perspective on engaging a cross-section of women in their home communities.


MEE published its findings from a qualitative research study on breast cancer and its impact on African-American women. The focus group report and video documentary represented an important expansion of MEE’s work in developing research-based, market-driven communication strategies addressing health, social and educational disparities facing urban and low-income populations living in at-risk environments.


MEE provided online access to its Community Activation Leader Training Webinars. They were designed to support local organizations in their own community engagement work on breast cancer and other pressing issues in their community. MEE hopes that the breast cancer research can be used as the foundation for community engagement and activation efforts that are particularly relevant to women of color.


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