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About NStar

NStar Studios brings the next generation model for film distribution - an innovation whose time has come. NStar represents the intersection of entertainment, media, technology and social responsibility, using a unique managed social media and community mobilization strategy to become the top distribution brand for entertainment targeting the urban marketplace. NStar has a competitive edge in that all content (produced, co-financed or acquired) is audience informed and stress tested using a unique and proven research based methodology developed by MEE.

NStar brings together a top-flight management team to execute a new, highly-profitable distribution model that provides a greater ROI on urban-themed feature films than the traditional studio movie system. The business model (economics) promises (1) lower & earlier break-even; (2) faster payback schedules (theatrical); (3) greater profits (ROI) than Hollywood, while creating two valuable assets (a film library and millions of online users over time).

NStar has three films ready for production. Deputy 13, budgeted at $1 million, will go first, followed by 32-21-42, budgeted at $2 million, and then, Holdin’ Court ($5.0 million), third. This will allow NStar to validate its innovative production, marketing and distribution models with these lower budgeted films and then make Live 2 Tell (a $15 million production) in 2017. NStar's goal is to begin pre-production for Deputy 13 in May 2015, followed by a four-week production schedule, starting June 2015.

We are formally requesting an opportunity to present our comprehensive NStar business model ONLY to potential investing partners who share our vision and drive for success.