Communications and Market Research

Data-gathering and communications research is the foundation for every major MEE project. The company specializes in conducting qualitative audience research that elicits informative, accurate and authentic responses. Its proprietary focus group research and data analysis methodologies identify the barriers, arguments and counter-arguments related to helping communities of color improve their health outcomes. This process also helps the MEE Creative Team determine the motivation and persuasion techniques that best reach and influence any target population. A multi-layered research approach that includes quantitative data collection, literature reviews and expert interviews results in groundbreaking, highly accurate research findings and reports, along with video summaries which use firsthand accounts and stories from the target audience to graphically illustrate the research findings and allow clients to see and hear what the target audience is thinking.

Media and Materials Development

MEE has received national and international recognition, including Freddie, Telly and Regional Emmy Awards for its research-based media productions. MEE’s comprehensive in-house production capabilities include multimedia art direction, graphic design, video and audio production, copywriting, digital and social media tools (including electronic resource directories), website development and traffic coordination for radio, transit, digital/social media and television placement. Internally, the Multimedia Team prepares layouts for campaign print materials and other collateral, and supervises the final printing and production process.

MEE creates digital/social media ads, radio and television public service announcements and advertising, small print, transit and large outdoor media, online training tools and a wide array of educational videos with accompanying discussion guides. We focus on delivering culturally relevant/specific messages across the many communications platforms that are now available to us. The company has also developed new uses of e-health technologies, including text messaging and digital platforms to deliver critically important behavior change messages to hard-to-reach audiences including teens and young adults.

Traditional Media Placement

MEE’s in-house service capabilities include media placement for radio (including promotional activities), television, Internet/social media and/or transit & outdoor advertising. MEE has built strong relationships with multiple urban and talk-formatted radio and television stations in Philadelphia and the top-25 urban markets across the country. MEE is able to leverage these relationships to benefit our clients. Because of the amount of paid advertising we have conducted on these stations, we are also able to generate effective placement schedules for our PSAs. MEE is also well versed at placing ads on social media platforms, having placed ads on Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google.

Non-Traditional Marketing / Community Campaign Development

MEE’s public-health campaigns consistently generate positive word-of-mouth by taking messages straight to the streets, using a mix of traditional and non-traditional communications strategies. The company’s approach, from concept to execution, ensures cost-effective and culturally relevant marketing strategies. We can help our clients incorporate the reach, versatility and immediacy of the Web to create a joint online/offline strategy that engages communities using multiple platforms. Communities can be connected through traditional digital tactics such as e-mail and websites; social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; and text-based communications platforms to enhance engagement and mobilization efforts.

Ivan J. Juzang, Founder and President

Workshops, Training and Technical Assistance

MEE offers customized, in-person and online (Webinar) training, technical assistance (TA) and communications workshops focusing on the most effective ways to reach and influence urban and ethnic audiences on a variety of public and mental health topics. Workshops and TA help staff and providers understand urban oral-based culture, explore the media’s direct and indirect influences on decision-making and develop effective and culturally relevant communication strategies. Our unique train-the-trainer model provides the transfer of communications skills that participants (such as CBOs and health and social service agencies) can use immediately in their work with hard-to-reach audiences. Each interactive, solutions-oriented workshop or TA session offers real-world strategies for providing community outreach, communications and services. Communication tools are shared in a way that makes them immediately applicable in a variety of settings.

In addition to leading workshops and trainings, members of MEE’s senior leadership team have presented at national and international conferences, expert panel discussions and more, including keynote and plenary speeches. Based on strong client demand, MEE is developing modular, online toolkit packages (including technical assistance) and state-of-the-art technology, including Webinars using Go-To-Training and other platforms to augment or extend in-person trainings.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

MEE understands that the Internet and social networking sites have transformed many aspects of social marketing. These days, reaching and engaging audiences requires an understanding of and facility in leveraging social media. MEE creates integrated digital and social media campaigns that: make it easy for the audience to share peer-sanctioned information with others in their extended social networks, link from one social media platform to another, support community-based efforts, and provide synergies with traditional media placement.