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African American Network Against Alzheimer’s

Raising Awareness of Alzheimer’s in the African-American Community

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MEE was hired by the African American Network Against Alzheimer’s (AANAA) to help raise community awareness and promote the award-winning play Forget Me Not. During MEE’s work with AANAA, the play has been to over 15 cities including: Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Houston, Baltimore, Tampa, Charlotte, Washington, DC., Indianapolis and Tampa. Written by Garrett Davis, the goal of the play is to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, especially in the Black community. The play shows just how far-reaching a disease like Alzheimer’s can be, affecting not just the immediate family, but also friends and those in the community.

MEE utilized its Community Network (CN) partnerships to conduct a series of community mobilization and outreach activities, along with e-mail blasts to CN members and social media activities to drive attendance to the play and increase awareness of AANAA. MEE’s promotional activities resulted in over 6,000 people viewing the play across the cities.