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Give Your Baby Space

SIDS Risk Reduction & Safe Sleep Social Marketing Campaign

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For five years, MEE worked with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) to implement a statewide, multimedia and community outreach campaign to promote safe sleeping environments for infants. The goal of the campaign was to lower the risk of SIDS and infant deaths resulting from unsafe sleep practices, with a special emphasis on targeting lower-income African-American women, ages 18-29.

Over the course of the project, MEE developed an array of campaign materials including postcards, resource flyers, radio ads, billboards and a website that features an interactive, online tutorial designed to help parents and caregivers understand how to provide a safe sleep space for their infant. In addition to disseminating over 330,000 print materials to campaign partners across the state, MEE conducted a series of community mobilization activities designed to garner campaign support from service providers. Community canvassing efforts have targeted day care centers, hair salons and other community-based organizations and retailers that cater to African-American women and families in specific zip codes. MEE also conducted several professional development workshops and webinars on effective communications, audience research and community mobilization for more than 100 service providers from DHH and its partnering organizations.

Campaign Website: www.giveyourbabyspace.com