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Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Raising Awareness of Lead Poisoning Prevention Across Louisiana

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MEE was hired by the Louisiana Healthy Homes and Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (LHHCLPPP) to provide communications, marketing and community mobilization support for the statewide lead poisoning prevention program.

Lead poisoning is one of the top childhood environmental health problems facing children in Louisiana and there is a lack of lead screening being performed by medical providers in many parishes across the state. To address these issues, MEE worked with LHHCLPPP to design and implement a Lead Prevention Campaign that provided parents and caregivers with information and resources to create lead free zones in their homes and ensure that their children are not at risk for lead poisoning. The campaign, which targeted the parishes around New Orleans, Monroe and Alexandria also focused on encouraging medical providers to screen every child for lead exposure at least once by the age of 1.

MEE developed print materials targeting both parents and medical providers and conducted a series of Chat & Chew information sessions and webinars with service providers in the target communities in order to create a community-based network of providers that would support the campaign and motivate the community members they service to get more information about lead prevention and maintaining a healthy home. MEE also developed a 30-second radio ad that was placed on both traditional radio stations and Pandora.