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Look in My Mirror

A Book for Fathers to Read to their Daughters

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MEE published a children’s book, Look In My Mirror, by inspirational speaker Javier Sanchez, that plants the seeds of positive identity and healthy self-esteem in young girls. The book is a resource fathers—whether or not they are single parents—can use to give their daughters a positive identity and healthy self-esteem at a very critical time in their lives.

The media constantly bombards young girls with conflicting and often negative messages about how they should behave and what they should look like. MEE recognized that girls need counter-messages about unconditional, positive love from the “first men” in their lives. For fathers who sometimes struggle with knowing what to say, this book speaks volumes. Look In My Mirror is a strong first step toward establishing healthy, open and loving relationships between fathers and daughters—ones that will last a lifetime. Increased self-esteem among girls will help them make more empowered life and health choices as they grow through adolescence into womanhood.