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MEE was hired by Drexel University to develop the branding and community engagement strategies to support an outreach and awareness campaign for the West Philadelphia Early Childhood Education Initiative (WPECE). The WPECE is a Drexel-led collaboration of social service and education agencies and community stakeholders working to create higher quality early childhood education options for students and families in the 19104 zip code of West Philadelphia. The area has been designated as a Promise Zone by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The initiative, called West Philadelphia Action for Early Learning, aimed to build awareness around the importance of early childhood education, strengthen the capacity of childcare centers, Head Starts and Pre-Ks, support Pre-K and K-3 instruction with a strong emphasis on literacy, and more effectively link early childhood education centers to local kindergartens to ensure a seamless transition, so that children and parents are better prepared for school.

MEE’s primary responsibility was to create a brand that supported the Initiative’s goals and objectives, based on a strong understanding of the target audience. MEE developed all campaign messaging, branding and materials, including a campaign logo, campaign themes and slogans and outreach materials. MEE also developed a comprehensive communications plan that Drexel and its community partners implemented for the initiative.