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Project LAUNCH

Raising Awareness of the Emotional Well-Being of Louisiana’s Children

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Effectively Reaching Hard-to-Reach Parents in Louisiana

MEE was hired by Project LAUNCH to design and implement a communications campaign in Lafayette, Vermillion, and Acadia Parishes of Louisiana. The campaign encourages parents to be more aware of their children’s emotional and mental health and provides resources to empower parents to improve their children’s overall well-being. In addition to campaign print materials that were distributed to daycare centers and organizations that work with parents, MEE also developed and produced a radio ad (that ran on local radio and Pandora), a billboard and Facebook ads. MEE also utilized its Community Network partnerships to conduct a series of community mobilization and outreach activities designed to expose both the campaign messaging and materials to parents and caregivers on a grassroots level. The three-month campaign was designed to drive parents and caregivers to the Project LAUNCH website in order to access local resources.