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The Family League of Baltimore

Promoting Family Literacy in Baltimore City

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MEE was hired by The Family League of Baltimore and The Family Literacy Coalition to conduct audience research with parents and caregivers of children ages 4 and under to better understand what parents and caregivers were doing in the home to help kindergarten-age children in Baltimore get ready for school.

MEE also conducted in-depth interviews with service providers that worked closely with families in Baltimore. The goal of the interviews was to gain their insight on the attitudes and beliefs toward quality parent/child interactions and when a child is ready to learn. The findings from both the audience research and in-depth interviews were used to inform The Family League’s citywide communications campaign designed to promote:


  1. Quality interactions (talk, sing, read, play and draw) between parents/caregivers and their children under 4 years old; and
  2. The importance of enrolling children in Pre-K or early childhood programs and attending those programs regularly.